I moved from London to North Norfolk 5 years ago after careers as a web designer and then an interior designer. I worked for Andrew Martin International designing hotels and private apartments in Belgravia and South Kensington and also creating furniture made out of aircraft parts (for example making desks out of wings and stabilisers of fighter planes like MIG21).
My original degree was in anthropology and archaeology but I always wanted to paint and completed an art school when I was younger.
My move to Norfolk inspired me to start painting again. I paint in acrylics and oil and I am studying a Diploma in oil painting at the Martin Kinnear School of Painting.
I have been painting animals inspired by Paleolithic cave art of Altamira, Lascaux, Pech Merle, Chauvet and many others. I am still amazed by the mesmerising colours, shapes and character created by our ancestors 20 000 years ago!